The Weekend Update : April 21

via Sharon McKeeman

· Marina Amaral breathes new life into these historical photos using her genius Photoshop skills to color them just as our minds have always imagined.

· Thoughts on kids and Instagram? It is estimated that parents will post an average of 1000 pictures of their child before that child reaches five years old.

· Missy Mayo clues us in on a list of free resources that provide a second set of eyes and perspective on our sites.

· “Lie low” and “Kill with kindness”. Never realized how many of our modern day phrases came straight from Shakespeare!

· Here are the real California girls through the Templetons’ Leica lens.

· How to use Photoshop’s Perspective Warp to dramatically enhance your latest landscapes shots.

· Ever wondered about the people behind stock photos? Ouch — appearing in stock photos was the biggest mistake of this guy’s life.

· So well said.

Whatever is in store for you, let the good times roll because its the weekend friends! xo

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