The Weekend Update: Aug 8

© Summer Murdock via The Bloom Forum

via Summer Murdock

· She’s been the champion of our favorite workout jams but who was to know Katy Perry was talented enough to soothe our babies?

· Crushing on the Ketti Schoolgirl bag? Us too! Get your entries in by tonight at midnight to get yours!

· Those awkward conversations you can’t run from in fear of hurting someone’s feeling? Here’s a real life “Done button” to hightail it outta there.

· You’ve never seen surreal photography quite like this.

· “One of the biggest complaints in modern society is being overscheduled, overcommitted and overextended.” Why our biggest problem is that we allow no time to think.

· Competition is just like shame– it only exists for people who believe it does.

· Before you dig through those consignment shops, 4 Tips for Purchasing a Vintage Film Camera.

· King of Summer indeed! The long awaited must see end of summer event Shark Week is finally back again! Now you know what you’re up to Sunday!

· The most super Supermoon of 2104 is actually heading your way in two days. Improptu viewing party anyone?

Sounds like the beginnings of a rather great weekend friends! Soak it up and we’ll see you Monday!

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