The Weekend Update : Jan 6

via member Vannesh2

· 2016 was a great year to us, here were some of our all-time favorites from the blog last year.

· It’s not too late to gather your One Word for the year and if you’re feeling challenged, here is how to choose One Word to define & guide your year ahead.

· If you’ve got two and half spare minutes, you’ll enjoy Master of Camerasa short film documenting the man who has been repairing cameras for close to 60 years.

· This DIY Balsa Happy Birthday Banner is such a cute alternative to buying those paper banners over and over again.

· If there is one thing we hope you resolute to stopping from here on out, it’s texting while driving. Dump this dangerous habit with this easy solution.

· The JPEG, the first text message and 25 other things that are turning 25 this year.

· As the Chief White House Photgrapher, Pete Souza was handed what might be the most inspiring subject in recent history and he did not disappoint.

· We have it on good authority that this is a great documentary to get the creative in you fired up.

We’re bracing for what will prove to be a pretty nasty storm out here on the west which means we’re sticking fireside in our pjs and knocking out a few of those documentaries we’ve been bookmarking. What will you be doing with your weekend? xo

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