The Weekend Update : May 5

via Robin Bonner

· Robin Bonner and The Bloom Collective took their shot at the Golden Ratio, see their renditions here.

· Random rogue are installations made in big box stores is proof you can find art anywhere.

· Its official, you can now and forever stop wandering the parking lot looking for your car.

· Love this quick trick on removing all the guesswork from trying to remember which of your memory cards have been imported!

· This portrait essay of people eating extremely hot peppers is giving us all ferocious heartburn.

· Brain food for your morning commute: Choosing Curiosity Over Fear.

· Once you can find that negative feedback is a mix of truth and opinion and not definitively how you should see yourself, you’re on your way.

· If you missed Jimmy Kimmels’s tearful show opening this week– don’t. This is something that we can all agree upon.

· If you need a little visual fire for this weekend, this split screen video is sure to do the trick:

We’re hoping your weekend is filled with adventure and lots of good company. Happy Cinco de Mayo and see you next week! xo

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