Read The Course Syllabus And Workshop Details

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Meet The Teacher

Read The Course Syllabus And Workshop Details

// A Flourish Fellowship Course //

Nostalgic Details with Tara Visconti

June 19th - June 29th, 2018


Meet The Teacher

Read The Course Syllabus And Workshop Details

Check Out Some Student Love

Meet The Teacher

NOSTALGIA ~ It's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone - a feeling of a place where we ache to go again. {the Greek meaning for nostalgia}

I absolutely love capturing the details of our daily lives.  I’m a sucker for a “blankie baby” or any sweet childhood attachment.  I’d love to teach you my approach to capturing those beautiful details of each child’s personality and their hearts desire.  One of my favorite things about photography, is the feeling a photograph evokes.  When I look back at photos from my own childhood and see a toy I loved or my favorites shoes, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia.  There is nothing better than reliving that feeling.  I can remember the light in the room, or the smell of my grandmothers house where I’d play with my cousins.  It gives me great joy to know that I can give that beautiful feeling of nostalgia to my own children.

The course curriculum:

Lesson 1:  Nostalgia – What does that mean to you?  Tara will show you how to find those nostalgic details in your everyday life.

Lesson 2:  Tools – Tara will show you her method and help you discover your hearts nostalgic moments.

Lesson 3:  Vision – Tara will guide you towards implementing your vision, find the light, connection, and create beautiful memories.

Nostalgic Details with Tara Visconti
Nostalgic Details with Tara Visconti

The downloadable material (that's yours to keep):

  • A PDF including all lessons, discussions and images from the course.
  • 2 videos of Tara shooting detail portraits.
  • 2 editing videos.
  • A second PDF including a list of gear and resources that Tara uses for detail shots.
  • 3 assignments so you can put your new found skills to practice with one receiving feedback from Tara.
  • A recorded Q & A video from questions received during the course duration.
  • 2 custom presets created by Tara.

Meet Tara

I have had a camera close to my heart since the birth of my first child.  I love all things pretty and vintage.  I adore natural light and sunny days.  There is so much sweetness around me everyday, I try to capture what is true and real.  I am a full-time mom and a part-time photographer.  I have four amazing kids and supportive husband.  They are the inspiration for my work.  I am professional photographer based out of Denver, Colorado.  I have always enjoyed incorporating unique and unexpected elements into my imagery.

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