Editing for Artists: A Color Theory Intensive with Roxanne Bryant|| September 2016

With Roxanne Bryant
September 19th – October 2nd, 2016
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The power of color leaves a deep and lasting impression on our imagery. The key to confident editing is understanding why color behaves the way it does. In this intensive you will gain insight on how color theory creates richness and depth, conveys mood, illuminates focal points and composition and directly communicates your story. Learn subtle color control through the mindset of a painter, working with the HSL (Hue/Sat/Luminance) panel as your palette.

Utilize color theory in LIGHTROOM to correct color casts, analyze color relationships and separate colors for more sensitive and dynamic color range in your work.

Perfect the “Art of Seeing” through deep self-critique to push your own personal boundaries and confidence with editing. Finally, embrace a no-short-cut approach to editing – one that will bring greater understanding of every image as a singular work of art. Be prepared to take risks, try different approaches and bravely reinvent color in new ways.

Intimate critique and discussion with Roxanne, editing exercises and assignments will bring new life to your color imagery.

To read more about what you will be learning in this course, just head on over to The Editing For Artists workshop page.