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It might sound like common sense to some of you who are winter warriors but if you happen to be in the crowd that does not live or often shoot in snow, this one is for you! Invest in a good backpack for your gear which will allow you easy transport and easy access to your gear while you shoot in the snow. You likely wont want to set your bag of gear directly on the ice cold ground unless it is incredibly insulated. Another reason to

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When a new year starts, I always feel full of creativity and inspiration. There are so many projects I want to tackle and things I want to accomplish. I can just feel that 2018 is going to be a great year. But then, I feel that every January. And then, as the year begins to roll on and the demands of daily life put pressure on me, my creativity begins to wane. I start to wonder why I thought I was going to actually complete that project

Last week, we already gave you the advice that your histogram is clutch to getting your exposure nailed while in the field. But what about white balance? Most times if you are using anything other than the custom white balance setting, you'll end up with grey or blue looking snow which is far from ideal. Here is the cinchy beauty of it all, snow is WHITE and so simply using your handy dandy eyedropper tool in Lightroom will clean those color casts up real quick. Be wary

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