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Self portraits can be real tough exercise for a photographer. In fact, most of us are behind the lens because we feel most at home there. Once you get one of us on the other side of the lens, the voices start: Am I even in the frame? What do I look like? What am I supposed to do with my face? eyes? hands? We can't help it, as orchestrators of photographs it's hard not knowing what's showing on the other side. We love this joyful

Any good photographer puts themselves on the other side of the lens regularly in order to remain in touch with how it feels to be the subject and to find what works and why. Even then, lets be honest — it still can be a bit nerve wracking. To ease the tension and ensure realistic emotions from your subject within the photographs you're creating, get your subject out of their head and give them something to react to. Whether its telling them a story to elicit a

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Oh my — do we love a photographer that knows how to fill up a frame! Because of her thoughtful intentions while shooting, Marissa Roseillier's beautiful shot featured here today packs a punch in just one little frame. At first glance, her composition locked us right in but as we kept scanning, we couldn't get over the reflections and the perfect tones in the golden light that surrounded her shot, telling us a mighty story all on its own. Still we had to no more and we

You know how they say "The best laid plans often go awry"? Anyone who has come to a shoot with a set of poses in their head knows this to be true. Here's the real truth though, the awry is where the good shots always lie! Use those poses to set your subject up with a task to complete but while they are in the midst of getting there, shoot away. While you direct your subject into your pose, let them float from a relaxed position back