It's Wednesday and that means it's another amazing The Story Behind feature! Today we delighted in welcoming Mindy Tingson to the blog. We have featured her amazing art many times on our IG tag but this is her first time being featured on the blog and we couldn't be happier. She is a super talented artist that inspires so many and we love that she is documenting her travels with her family. So without further ado, let's give a big Bloom welcome to Mindy as she shares

Maybe it's us, but we have noticed a lot of newborn photos that have been shared in our IG tag within the last couple months. Maybe something was in the water 9 or 10 months ago but we certainly aren't complaining. We LOVE seeing them and Erica's beautiful little girl was no exception. We were instantly mesmerized by the palette of stunning colors that just played off each other. Oh and that sweet little smile, those delicate eyelashes and that head full of hair had us smitten.

This week we are welcoming Molly as our The Story Behind feature. Her sweet and enduring newborn photo stopped our scroll instantly in our IG tag. The details from the little wrinkles in the skin to the dimples in the wee knuckles had us swooning. So of course we reached out to her to see if she would be up for a few questions and we are happy she said yes. Keep reading to learn how this precious photo came to be. IG Handle:.@mollydockeryphotography

Today, we welcome Lisa to this week's installment of The Story Behind. Her maternity photo is one of our favorites we've seen. We love the playfulness of it as well as the tones and colors. Of course we when saw it in our IG tag, we immediately had to share it with our followers. We also reached out to see if she would be up for a feature and we are happy to report she said yes! Keep reading to learn how this stunning photo came to

We are so excited to have Kimberley on the blog today for our series The Story Behind. We were awe-struck by her amazing photo when we spotted it in our IG tag. It's not your normal newborn capture so of course we love that she went outside the box and capture this truly amazing and tender photo. So without further ado, let's welcome Kimberley on the blog and keep reading to learn more about her photo and how it came to be. IG Handle:.@kimberleydawnphotography

This will be our last share of our series The Story Behind in 2020. Although this year has seen a lot of hardships for many people, it's photos like this one from Melissa that lifted our spirits. To know that you created something so beautiful that made people smile was a hug accomplishment in 2020. And if this year has taught us anything, it's to be present, have compassion for others and never take anything for granted. So let's welcome Melissa on the blog today