As photographers, we learn something every time we pick up our camera and one crucial thing we here at Bloom have learned is never stop shooting. Some of the most magical moments are the so called in-betweens. In Nicole's case, when the little one started to get fussy, she didn't put down her camera, instead she captured a magical connection between a mother and her child which resulted in an image that stopped us in our tracks when we saw it. Continue on to read more about

Sometimes as photographers, we find ourselves in a pickle when it comes to weather. Let's face it, we are held captive by it at times which leads to cancellations (BOOOOO). In this installment of The Story Behind, Cassandra rolled with the punches Mother Nature dished out and made fog and freezing temps work for her. We are truly captivated by the outcome and we hope you are too! So without further ado, let's say hello to Cass! IG Handle:. @casswphotography What inspires your are? Hmmm I've never been asked

We all know that to be a photographer, you need to be creative and cultivate your own style. Yasmin is that photographer. If you scroll through her feed, you'll be inspired by her colors, technique, composition and so much more. When we saw this darling number tagged in our IG feed, we wanted to instantly know more about it. The composition alone is intriguing and we love the feel of rawness it evokes. So let's welcome Yasmin in this installment of The

We all know that Australia produces some of the best light for photos. It's golden, warm and so inviting. And it's a well-known fact that the photographers from down under know how to use such light and make glorious photos. Nicole was no exception. Her light-filled up close and personal portrait caught our attention and we immediately wanted to know the story behind it. So let's welcome Nicole to this installment of The Story Behind: IG Handle:. @nicoleanne1 Where was this photo taken? We Live in NSW,

Most of our The Story Behind features are about babies, kids and families but every once in a while, we come across a cute fur baby that we just can't get enough of. Victoria tagged us in this enduring image of her newest family member Otto and we immediately wanted to know the backstory of her image. We are so happy to share with you The Story Behind sweet Otto: IG Handle:. @victoriaandrewsphotography Where was this photo taken? Our house, in Brisbane Australia on Boxing Day. How did the

Love is in the air today and for us, it's baby love! One look at Ashley's photo and the next thing you realize, a big smile has come over you. That's just one of a thousand reasons why photography is our passion. We knew we wanted to feature this little cherub in a The Story Behind segment and it just happens to fall on Valentine's Day. Coincidence? We think not. IG Handle:. @areevesphotography Where was this photo taken? Our home in St.Paul, MN. How did