image via Hannah Terry · Technology that knows how we are feeling? It is real and its coming. · How a photographer at the U.S.-Mexico Border made an image America could not ignore. · 7 ideas for random acts of kindness when the world feels like a dumpster fire. · People tend to like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing something, and if you’re afraid you won’t be able to complete it, you might not start at all. Sound familiar? · Portraits of proud children and their toys from all around

When we came across this photo from Amy Phillips, it struck us as without a doubt the exact version of a photo we'd love to have of our own families, in our own homes. With its unforced connection amongst a sun speckled background, it remarks us as the perfect keepsake to remind parents of that era when their children were tiny, a time capsule "just as they were". Read on to found out more about Amy's serendipitous shot and how she drew out her confidence after this

Here is the thing - a headshot is well, a head shot. With such a prominent focus on the face, it is essential to ask your client if they have a favorite side they like to be photographed. While some clients may not have a preference or even know themselves, taking a few shots favoring each side and showing them the results may help them decide. They will appreciate your care and attention for them to look their best and ultimately, you will likely gain their trust

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Would you believe that this beautiful self portrait was created when our feature photographer, Julie Guertin, had just two frames left in her film roll? A satisfying self portrait can take the very best of us upwards of 20 times that to get what we are after! We love the story of Julie's happenstance process for her film development, read on to discover her "soup"! IG Handle: @julieguertin Where was this photo taken? This was taken in my tiny bedroom. Can you tell us "The Story Behind" this shot? For

While headshots may feel like a quick "in and out" kind of job, the reality is that they require just as much pre-discussion with your client as your average family session. Consult with your client to determine what the best setting is for the portrait. While a real estate agent of a major city may want a photo set in an urban setting, a local accountant may prefer a simple gray or white background. Once the location is set, wardrobe is the next discussion to tackle. This