We can't get enough of rainbows in all the photos we've been seeing in our IG tag feed. What they have meant and represented during this time brings so much more meaning to them as of late. So when we saw Lisa's colorful and fun photo, we reached out to her to see if she would be interested in being in our The Story Behind series. We were overjoyed when she said yes. So keep reading to hear the story behind her photo and we hope it

Wednesday are our favorite days around these parts because it's the day we get to feature extraordinary artists from around the world and today we are happy to have Linzie showcased in this installment of our The Story Behind series. Her adorable photo has been shared all over IG so of course when we spotted it in our IG tag feed, we wanted to know more about the story behind it. Let's give Linzie a big Bloom welcome and continue reading to learn about her photo

It's another week and we hope everyone is doing well! We know many of you are at home so we hope our The Story Behind series is a nice distraction in your day. This week we are featuring Hayli's gorgeous photo that caught our eye while browsing our IG tag feed. We LOVE the light and the warm-toned colors but what we are really drawn to and as Hayli puts it "the in-between moments." Those are sometimes the most real and raw images that you

How is everyone doing? We know these last few weeks have been rough ones but we are strong and we will get past this. Before we introduce you to this week's The Story Behind feature, we wanted to give another shout out to all those on the frontline, keeping us safe, delivering packages, supplying food and caring for those that are ill. As they say, not all heroes wear capes. OK, so this week, we wanted to bring a smile to your face

These last few weeks have been new to all of us. We haven't been in this position before, so many of us are adjusting to the new norm like online schooling, working from home, etc. What many don't realize is that adjusting also means making the sacrifice to be apart from loved ones. This is the case of Crystal and her family. Her husband is a paramedic. Even with the lack of PPE, he continues to do his job and is at risk of getting COVID-19. They

You may have seen Larissa's image being shared all over IG. It's absolutely breath-taking, raw and real. The editing is magical and emotion that it evokes is beyond any words we can type up for this post. We reached out to Larissa to see if she would like to be featured in our The Story Behind series because we were itching to learn more about it. Lucky for us she agreed to answer our questions. Keep reading to see how this beautiful image came to be born.