Sometimes, when we come across an image that was shared in our IG tag feed we are in complete awe of it. This is definitely the case of Mika's stunning photo. It screams pure magic and the array of colors it possesses is mind-blowing! We are so happy to have Mika here on the blog today to tell us the The Story Behind her photo and how it came to be. IG Handle:.@mygreatestwonders What inspires your art?Motherhood, childhood and nature is where

There is nothing that can put a big smile on your face than spotting an adorable newborn photo. That's exactly what happened when we came across Sophie's little yawning cutie in our IG tag feed. We loved the simplicity of it and the conversion is AMAZING! So with that said, we reached out to her to see if she would be on board to be featured in our The Story Behind series and we are so grateful she said yes. Read on to found out how this

Happy New Year everyone! We can't think of a better way to kick off 2020 and our The Story Behind series than with this cute little number from Leah! The second we spotted it in our IG tag feed, we knew we wanted to learn more about it and how it came to be. So of course we reached out to Leah and were giddy when she was up for being part of our series. So without further ado, let's give Leah a big Bloom welcome! IG Handle:.@leahda

One thing we adore about photography is it's nostalgia. Remembering something that was meaningful for you and recreating it is exactly what Jordana did with this stunner of a photo. Her client had a photo like this taken when his girls were littler and asked to do it again. They may be bigger but it's still so sweet! When we saw it pop up in our IG tag feed we wanted to know more about it so we reached out to Jordana in hopes she would be

Sometimes, we come across a photo in our IG tag feed that stops us in our tracks and from the loves and likes that it received on IG and Facebook, we weren't alone in our love of it. One of the many things we love about photography is the freedom to create what you visualize in your head and Meghann did just that. Keep reading to see how this stunning photo came to be and The Story Behind it. IG