We are so excited to bring you this beautiful session celebrating motherhood from the talented Emma MacAulay! It was shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV with a Sigma Art 35mm. The session took place in Dunsborough, West Australia at 7am. We'd love to feature you and your work! Click here to submit a session. Want to follow more of Emma's work? Just click on the links below: SITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

We love newborn shoots here at Bloom and when we came across Lecinda's gorgeous photos in our IG tag, we immediately wanted to know more about it. We love the details she captured as well as her dreamy black and white conversion. So without further ado, continue on to read more about The Story Behind Lecinda's magnificent photo: IG Handle:.@lecindaward What inspires you?At my core, I'm inspired by anything that is full of love, joy and intimacy. People fascinate me, and I love exploring

"The Earth has music for those who listen."-ShakesphereWe have always been drawn to Beth's images and the way she incorporates nature into her photos of her family. She reminds us that there is beauty all around. We just need to stop, look for it, enjoy it and cherish it. We are so happy because this week, we are sharing with you, Beth and The Story Behind her magnificent photo: IG Handle:.@seasalt.and.evergreens What inspires you?My children exploring nature inspires me. The world is so beautiful, especially with

Less is more. Sometimes a competing background and a rainbow of colors can take away from images. That's why we were drawn to Lily's photo the second we spotted it in our IG hashtag feed. On one hand, the simplicity of it is beautiful but on the other hand, there is so much eyecandy starting with the gorgeous lighting, the textures of the robe and the editing. We definitely wanted to know more about it so we are delighted to feature her in