Sometimes the best photos we capture are the ones we never intend on getting. Case in point this adorable shot from Julie of her friend's daughter and an unruly tulip. Her photo totally caught our eye in our IG hashtag and we immediately knew we wanted to know the The Story Behind it. So lets welcome Julie to the blog! IG Handle:.@juliechristinephotography What inspires your art?Connection. I LOVE capturing families and children. Parents loving on their kids. I love the connection

Every once in awhile, we come across the MOST enduring photo in our IG hashtag. Lindsay's photo of this little chubby legged, floral romper wearing cutie was just one of those. We love how it proves that faceless photos can have a powerful touch on the viewer and draw deep emotions. For us, we couldn't stop smiling at it and reminiscing of the days when our kiddos where around that age. That's the power of photography folks! Keep reading to learn the The Story Behind

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” - Jacques Yves Cousteau If you've ever been lucky to capture images of your little ones at the beach, you probably had a feeling of how little we are on this big bouncing ball we call earth come over you. Lola was able to capture this feeling in a perfect frame. Mix in some movement, the perfect light and the muted colors, you better believe we didn't waste a second in asking

Happy accidents! Those are sometimes the best photos we produce. In the case of Anna's enduring shot of her daughter, the focus isn't where you would think it should be but yet, we are so drawn to it. Also the use of shadows and light mixed with a beautiful black & white conversion, you can see why we wanted to feature it in our series The Story Behind. Continue reading to learn the story behind Anna's image: IG Handle:.@the.moon.and.her.two.stars What inspires your art?My kids obviously : ). But