When we saw Brittney's adorable photo in our IG tag feed, we had the best feeling come over us. We love the connection, the glorious light, the colors and the scenery! Ever heard the saying "canvas worthy?" THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY CANVAS WORTHY!! Of course our love for this shot made us reach out to Brittney and ask if she'd be up to be in our The Story Behind series and we were ecstatic that she said yes! Keep on reading to learn how

Sometimes, we spot images in our IG tag feed that stops us in our tracks and this extraordinary image from Valery did just that. Then, when we learned why it was taken and it made it even more special for us. We reached out to Valery to see if she would be up for being featured in our The Story Behind series and we were ecstatic that she said yes. Keep reading to learn how this gorgeous image came to be. IG Handle:.@valeryphalon

We are so stoked to partner up with the creatives at Belle Lumiere Magazine to bring you The Creative Collaboration Volume II! So you might be asking what is the Creative Collaboration? Belle Lumiere’s Creative Collaboration is a group of educational materials curated from the best in our industry and highly discounted just for you.  But there is a catch.  This special is only available for 10 days. That’s it! Through October 30th you can take advantage of grabbing up 7 of

A month or so back, we can across the most enduring photo from Elizabeth in our IG tag feed and we fell in love with it immediately. The connection between her son and his pet chicken totally had us weak in the knees and then throw in the golden summer light and the glorious colors, we knew we wanted to feature it in our The Story Behind series. We are giddy to have Elizabeth here today to tell us how this cute little number came to be.

Peaceful. Tranquility. Self Being. Those are just a few of the words that came to mind when we saw Polly's extraordinary photo in our IG tag feed. There is something extremely therapeutic about her image that we wanted to know what made her press the shutter button and why it means so much to her. So without further ado, let's welcome Polly in this week's installment in our The Story Behind series: IG Handle:.@pollyjanephotography What inspires your art?Light! I'm constantly drawn too light. I

We can all agree that newborn photos evokes a warm and happy feeling. There is nothing like the freshness and beauty of a newborn. Capturing those first "new to the world" moments are so special, so when we spotted Krystal's sweet photo of her client's bundle of joy in our IG tag feed, we were immediately smitten with it. The wrinkled little feet and curled up toes are just about to much for us to handle. We reached out to Krystal to see if she would