Freelensing! Love it or hate it, you have to admit it's a cool technique and when done with creative purposes, it can really make an image pop! Take for example this number from Christine. It's brilliant on it's own but then shooting it via freelensed, it takes it to a whole other level! The way it focuses on the bus, makes it stand out and grab your attention just has us wanting more! So of course we reached out to Christine when we saw this beaut

The play of light and shadows in photos has always been something we love. It undeniably adds creativity to any image. So when we spotted Meghan's masterpiece in our IG tag feed, we instantly fell in love with it and reached out to her to see if she would be down with chatting about how the photo came to be. We were even more giddy to learn that it was taken with her iPhone because it just goes to show, magic can happen anywhere and you don't

We didn't intend to invoke "newborn fever" today but it's hard not to catch it after seeing Sarah's touching photo. The details, the light, the colors all have us in awe as well as the fact that she saw this special moment through her lens and consciously made the effort to capture it. With that said, you can understand why we wanted to know more behind the photo. So not to keep you waiting, let's say "hi" to Sarah as she's the feature this week in our

We are so stoked to have Christy here today in our blog series, The Story Behind. When we spotted her moving image in our IG tag, we immediately wanted to know more about it. The way the light emphasizes the details from the skin to the clothing is superb! We adore that she shared it in black and white because the emotion it produces isn't competing with colors. So without further ado, let's welcome Christy to the blog and keep reading to learn more about her beautiful

Any chance that we get to celebrate Motherhood, we jump on it. So when we saw Kati's extraordinary image in our IG tag, we immediately knew we wanted to feature it in our The Story Behind blog series. We love what inspires Kati's photography and how this image came to be so keep reading to learn more behind this enduring photo: IG Handle:. @xilophotography What inspires your art?As a Mama, my lens goes closely to what speaks to my own experiences- the love, the struggle,

We come across many photos in our IG tag that put huge smiles on our faces and Sarah's whimsy bubble-filled image is definitely one of them. We love the rich colors and how the bubbles reflect the light. Add one handsome little one sporting a pair of green wellies and you have the makings of a fun-filled picture! We are thrilled to have Sarah on the blog today in this week's installment of The Story Behind! IG Handle:.@sarahdifalcophoto What inspires your art?I am inspired by