Mika Lynn + The Story Behind

Sometimes, when we come across an image that was shared in our IG tag feed we are in complete awe of it. This is definitely the case of Mika’s stunning photo. It screams pure magic and the array of colors it possesses is mind-blowing! We are so happy to have Mika here on the blog today to tell us the The Story Behind her photo and how it came to be.

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What inspires your art?
Motherhood, childhood and nature is where I draw most of my inspiration.

Where was this photo taken?
It was taken on the side of the road right in front our home.

How did the location add or hinder to your image?
The location certainly “made” the image! The towering trees over my small boy really elicited a sense of awe, wonder and magic!

DSLR, iphone, instant or film?
DSLR | Sony a7iii and shot with a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens.

What were your camera settings for this image?
My camera was set on manual – ISO was 50, shutter speed was 1/800 and aperture value was 1.8.

Can you tell us “The Story Behind” this shot?
I wanted to portray the magic of our first snow and use the trees to elaborate how big and wonderful the world is and feels to a young child.

What speaks to you about this image? What specifically made you press the shutter?
I love how this image displays such a peaceful and serene scene. Watching my son admire the falling snow around him with such a beautiful surrounding is what compelled me to press the shutter.

What was your composition technique with this shot?
I centered my son because I wanted the tall trees to tower over him.

Did you have any lighting challenges/How did you light the image?
The image was lit with natural light on an overcast day.

Did you use any special techniques – freelensing, prism, etc?
I didn’t use any special techniques for this image.

Was this photo happenstance or did you visualize it prior? If so, how did you envision the image and set up for it?
I visualized this image prior to ever taking it. This was one of my visions that came out almost exactly as I had hoped… I wanted someone standing in the middle with the trees seemingly going on forever on either side.

Did you use a preset to edit this image, your own selective edits or a combination of both?
I used The Eden Pack presets from The Greatest Wonders in combination with my own adjustments.

Do you have any addition information you would like to share with our readers?
The original scene for this image only had one row of trees on the left side so I used photoshop to create the row of trees on the right side as well. Initially, I was going to edit it “as is” but I felt it needed just a little more to really bring the story and wonder I was trying to portray to life!

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