"Falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special." -Unknown Ever come across an image that gives you goosebumps? How about one that makes you happy cry? Well, Stephanie's image did both when we spotted it in our tag on IG. We absolutely LOVE the connection she captured between these two love birds and how she shows us that even the elderly needs to document their lives and love, because after all, a true love story never ends. Keep reading to learn more about this very

Normally when you think of lifestyle/storytelling photos, you are just a fly on the wall there to document things that happen in front of you with really no thought process behind the photos. But technically, that's not the case and Shelley's image and the story behind it explains why. She wanted to capture the happiness her daughter was showing while swinging but had to put some thought into the shot to make it work and are we glad she did! The result is a brilliant composed photo

If you haven't tried a themed photoshoot, what have you been waiting for? They are fun to put together and it definitely gets your creative juices flowing. Jessika proves that with her photo above because when we spotted it in our IG tag, we were taken by how "outside the box" it was. The leaves in the forefront and the haunting stare from her subject keeps the viewers gaze. We are happy to share more about this photo in Jessika's own words.

The photography community amazes us. They really do. The way they are continuously thinking outside the box and rethinking what the norm is when it comes to photography is astounding. Nicki's photo is no exception. When we spotted it while scrolling through our IG tag, we stopped and studied it. We were mesmerized how she used a lace dress and light to place a perfect pattern on her subject as well as using it as leading lines. We are super stoked to have her in this

Babies are the most precious gifts on earth. We love to stare them for hours on end so that's why having newborn photos taken is super important. Time is fleeting and those small details that we adore like the flakes on the skin or that oh-so-sweet peach fuzz can be gone in an instant. Kandi documents newborns in a timeless manner and manages to make those details special. We have no doubt that once her photos are looked back on, those raw emotions experienced in the past

We are so giddy that Brisbane's own Romy Drew is our artist this week in The Story Behind. We've been fans of Romy's work for quite some time now and we've enjoyed browsing through her IG stream. When we came across this photo, we instantly stopped and studied it. Everything about it is absolutely extraordinary and exquisite. But, perhaps our favorite part is the details. It's all about the details folks. Take a look at their eyes. You can see the flecks of different shades of colors