Welcome back! With school starting and the kids doing virtual learning, we had to take a little break from our weekly installment of The Story Behind. The importance of being inspiring in this passion of ours is super important so we are giddy to be back and share some of our favorite photos in our IG tag. Kellie is kicking (literally) this comeback off with her adorable little feet number. You've heard us preach time and time again that faces don't have to be in photos to

We are so blessed that so many of you all tag us in Instagram with our IG tag. You all continue to amaze us with your talent and we are overjoyed to be part of your photography journey. So when we spotted Carolina's GORGEOUS image packed with such sweet emotions and warm colors, we immediately reached out to her because we wanted to know more about her photo. We are happy to have her here today in this week's installment of The Story Behind. IG

We have seen rainbows being used in so many pictures in our IG tag feed and for the most part, they symbolize hope during this pandemic. But when we asked Carrie to be part of our The Story Behind series, we took a pause when she shared what they meant to her. Her image is the definition why we started this beloved little series because every photo has a story and every story needs to be heard. Keep reading Carrie's own words on how this

We have all been a little out of sorts lately due to our routines being all out of wack among other things. And sometimes during times like these, we forget to document our lives because lets face it, it's not our norm. But it very important to capture these times as well because it becomes part of who we are. So when we saw Shelley's rich black and white photo in our IG tag feed, we wanted to know more about it. We reached out to her

We are so happy to share Madison's work on this installment of The Story Behind. One thing that makes our hearts swoon is when we see fathers playing with their kids. We can't explain it, but for us, it's like a sappy Hallmark card and it gets us every.single.time. So when we spotted her image in our IG tag feed, there was no doubt we wanted to feature it on the blog and lucky for us, Madison obliged and let us know the sweet story

Lets talk about group projects. If you've been a part of one, you know just how incredible they can be. Not only do they push you outside of your comfort zone, they also introduce you to people with likeminded interests and can produce lasting friendships. Group projects can represent just about anything like a theme, a location and/or in this case, a darling little dress. When we spotted Summer's dreamy image in our IG tag feed, we were immediately drawn to the feeling of summer highlighted