Our Current IG Faves

Changes come and go but Instagram is here to stay folks. With the new update of IG stories, it has proven it’s moving onward and upward!

We love Instagram for so many reasons. It’s a platform for us to keep up with our followers and to let them in on all things Bloom and like an online meet and greet, we’ve managed to connect with all kinds of friends and photographers from all around this great big world that we wouldn’t have otherwise.  Most of all, we love that with our hashtag #thebloomforum, we can feature the inspiring photos from the AMAZING photographers that have become a part of our ever growing community.

We’re in a sharing mood and wanted to spotlight a few Instagramers we’ve been fawning over lately. These “grammers” are certainly ones you’ll want to follow if you aren’t already. Their everyday art tell such incredible stories all in one little square.

IGers to follow

Laura from Siida_pics had us swooning the moment we saw her stream. Her use of light and colors is phenomenal and her images throw us back to the days of when we were little. She captures glimpses childhood at it’s finest and throws in a bit of fine art while she’s at it. We have always said that there is something in the water in Australia because they have some pretty rad photographers over there! Laura just proves our case!

andrea hanki

We have been blessed to watch Andrea from andreahanki photograph her adorable kids since the day her oldest daughter was born. Lifestyle photography is hard and in order to get it right, you need to be able to act as a “fly on the wall” and just observe, waiting for THE moment. Andrea clearly has the power of patience since she has been able to do it with ease for so long. She does it all — families, lifestyle, kids, weddings, and films.  She has such a great sense of style, we secretly want her to adopt us.

twyla jones

Twyla from somethingrad is sensational. Her photos speak to us on a deeper level. When you see them, it awakens all your senses, especially the power of touch. She proves over and over again that you can tell a story in a single photograph. She manages to find the little amount light and manulipates it to work to her advantage. Like icing on the cake, her post-processing is the perfect compliment!


Hayley from th3littlestavenger? Her game is strong. She shows us that if you have the desire and passion, you can do anything. Her images speak to us and are almost 3-D where you feel you can just reach out and touch her subjects. Her colors are inviting and crisp, we’re just begging to see more.


We met Kelly of thelifeofbuttons at SEE: Palm Springs. We knew from the beginning she would be one to watch. She always puts a smile on our faces when she shares her images. If you want to see how someone uses the environment around them to their advantage to produce  extraordinary, gallery-wall images, then her feed is one to see.


Joni with the_borrowedheart hits home with us. She documents her adorable 2 year-old little girl who recently had a heart transplant, showing us the importance of recording everyday — good or bad. The depth in her photos draws you in and the next thing you know, you’ve just spent the last 2 hours oohing and aahing through her stream. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


If you look up the definition of delightful in the dictionary, you will likely see photos from Bec of becs_82. Her talent overflows as she creates meaningful memories for her clients and her kids that we can only dream of creating. Just think of the treasures they will have when they get older. Lucky ducks for sure! Remember what we said about Oz? Australia births another great one!


You would think Liz of lizlablianca would have cameras strapped to her 24/7 with the amazing moments she manages to capture of her kids. We promise she doesn’t, we indeed confirmed it. She simply has the gift of photographing a simple moment and making it gallery worthy. Scrolling through her feed, we often ask ourselves “how did she get that”? With her beautiful underwater work, her use of light and her insanely gorgeous composition, you can see why she is one to follow.


The saying the “proof is in the details” definitely defines El of el_hogan photography. She can fines the smallest things and brings them to life. When you speak about El’s work, 2 words stand out: light and shadows. The way she shoots with the available light is so artistic and phenomenal! No doubt, she is another Aussie to watch.

We are so happy to say that a handful of these talent folks will be teaching with us in 2017 so to stay connected and up-to-date, just watch our workshop listings and get yourself signed up for our newsletter over there to the right in the sidebar.

Keep em’ coming and keep tagging us with #thebloomforum. You’ll gain a fan and you never know, you just may be the next one featured here!