Our Favorite Does-It-All Camera Bag

To be brutaly honest, I have upwards of five different camera bags and at times, the excessiveness leaves me feeling a little guilty. I could tell you all the stories about how I needed each one and how each of them serves a different purpose and how its just not possible for one bag to be used in all situations but chances are, I’d be preaching to the choir.

My dilemma for so long has been that I have no perfect “middle bag”. For instance, my purse style camera bags are great if I want to bring all of my necessity personal items and my camera with one lens for a short trip, but they won’t nearly get me by when I’m shooting a session or on one of our family trips up the road to San Francisco. And my wedding camera bag? No way! It is far too big and clunky to keep me comfortable while I’m trying to enjoy my time with my family or friends hoping in and out of taxis and visiting museums. Plus, after several hours trekking around my shoulder aches with the single strap style. What’s a girl to do?

Well, a girl could continue to collect numerous camera bags or she could get real with herself and simplify — and simplify I did. I’ve  had my eye on the Kelly Moore Trenton backpack for a while now and thankfully, it has absolutely been the best solution to my big old camera bag mess. My everyday camera bag is officially here!


With the ultimate comfort and looks, over the last few months the Trenton has quickly become my go-to in a variety of situations. Once I recieved my bag, I removed the optional shoulder strap since I knew the backpack style was the way to go for me. Never fear though, this beautiful leather bag can easily be converted from a backpack to a shoulder bag and back again in a hot second. Speaking from a pure functionality aspect, I especially adore the backpack version, especially for my day trips and Ive even used it at my last few weddings. The wide, supple straps of this backpack carry a comfortable, even load on my back that is truly heaven sent!

And while functionality is king, who are we kidding? I think we can all agree that the style of a bag indeed runs a very, very close second. The Trenton stood out to me because it has the use and organization of my large utility gear backpack but has the classic, on trend style of my favorite leather Madewell tote. The ultra nappa leather adds an even comfier fit on the shoulders, which was an aspect that I hadn’t even taken into account but now, I am ever so thankful for. The other major plus that blew me away was like my shoulder bags, this backpack with its firm, squared off bottom, can stand on its own allowing me to easily transfer gear and odds and ends as I need.


With a fashion forward, versatile, leather backpack with just the right amount of pockets, this bag has been a superstar on day trips, client weddings and now even as my new favorite errand running everyday bag. To take this bag out for a fun road test, I recently took it out on a girls day out to San Francisco to score some plants, pots and some really great coffee.

Before we headed out, I prepped the girls that Id be snapping some shots of the bag while we were out. With two photographers, an event planner and a realtor between us, each of us found attributes we loved about this bag but the mutual giant kicker for all of us was the amount of goods the Trenton can hold. This bag is the real deal — its remarkably roomy and the thoughtful pocket organization makes it certainly one that Mary Poppins would overwhelmingly approve of!


And lucky for you, Kelly Moore has just unleashed their annual summer sale and the Trenton is just one of SIX of their sought after bags that has just been marked down to a steal of a price- over $100 off! Ya’ll hurry, you can thank us later…its only while supplies last!