Reflecting with Amanda Voelker || October 2016

With Amanda Voelker
October 17th – October 30th, 2016
Registration now open

When it comes to finding artistic voice, the task seems daunting and one often feels lost in the search. Questions such as, “How do I find my voice?” and “How do I make the story I am yearning to tell cohesive, honest, beautiful and mine?” are asked on repeat. Amanda will teach you how to connect deeply with yourself and your vision and create strong connections within your work. Through understanding, forging and strengthening these connections, you will clarify your artistic voice and tell a story as authentic, unique and stunning as you.

In this two week workshop, Amanda will address voice, self portraiture as a way to connect more fully with yourself, feeling and forging deep connections with what you are photographing, the importance of storytelling along with elements of a strong story, and finally, how to bring it all together in your authentic and unique way. Amanda will also spend time focusing on creative techniques, with a focus on Freelensing, as a means to break through barriers and find new ways to more fully tell your story.

During the two weeks there will be daily lessons and three assignments, each with intimate and honest feedback from Amanda. Students will be encouraged to actively engage in the discussion and will be given the chance to ask any and all questions. Amanda will also give students a look into her work, her ongoing journey and her editing. When it comes to her and her work, anything you want to know, she’ll tell you. After the workshop, Active Seat Students will have two weeks to submit a collection of 15 images for Amanda to critique, based on topics covered in the workshop and will receive detailed feedback.

All students will receive a PDF of the workshop as well as an invitation to a private Facebook group to continue the discussion.

For more information including the class syllabus and registration link, just visit the Reflecting You workshop page.