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We’ve all have had that pressure of an important session resting on our shoulders. You prep, show up to the session, shoot for a few hours and politely say goodbye and end the night packing your stuff in the car driving home completely convinced that you bombed the whole darn thing. You may have even gone as far as to thoughtfully construct an email in your head apologizing to your clients for your mess up and beg to reschedule? Lagging, you leave the uploading of memory cards until the next day or even the day after that because you just cant bare to face the certain defeat.

Somehow, someway once you make your way into culling the session you surprise the heck out of yourself, starring images left and right, finding that you knew just what you were doing all along. I think we all can agree that it has happened to the best of us. Tanya Limb of Gray Dot Photography knows this feeling well though you wont see a hint of it looking through her latest newborn session below.

Because as we often find out, the pressure, though sometimes uncomfortable, is one of the necessary growing pains of growing as a photographer and trusting your voice. We’re looking forward to featuring more dynamite, true to her voice sessions from Tanya in the coming months!

My sister and I started our photography business just under a year ago. We mainly shoot on location family sessions and I take the very cushy role of being a second shooter on these sessions. This year I made it my goal to start to do indoor lifestyle newborn sessions. When I saw Jean Smith’s “Newborn Lifestyle Photography From Start to Finish” advertised in March I thought, “well this is just meant to be” and signed myself up. The course was fantastic and really does cover everything from start to finish. Jean shares so much and really equips you well to go into any situation with a lot of handy tools. Thanks Jean!
I then put my big girl pants on and prepared to do my first ever indoor newborn shoot ALL. BY. MYSELF!
It was terrifying and I have so much more respect now for my sister in being first shooter haha! Although inwardly I felt like I was bombing I managed to get a few images that this gorgeous family will hopefully treasure. I was glad I could help them welcome their second boy into the family (or third if you count their super cute pooch) and capture some images of this special time in their families lives.















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