You've packed up and you and your crew are finally on your way to paradise. Once upon arriving to your destination with everything so new, it can feel a bit overwhelming as you take in everything trying to nail down what you feel like capturing. Until you hit your groove, first take into consideration where are, what is around you and how it is different than home. Consider the uniquesness: the smells, the eats, the weather and the locals and start your photography journey there. Once

Now that summer is finally upon us, we're all itching to get the heck out of dodge and onto somewhere new, fresh and undiscovered. Whether you are experiencing a new hot spot or firmly planted on relearning your locale with a staycation, photos are a must to preserve your very favorite travel moments and experiences. Before you head out, preperation is key. No one ever in the history of ever has said that packing around all the camera gear they own has helped them to experience their

We've all have had that pressure of an important session resting on our shoulders. You prep, show up to the session, shoot for a few hours and politely say goodbye and end the night packing your stuff in the car driving home completely convinced that you bombed the whole darn thing. You may have even gone as far as to thoughtfully construct an email in your head apologizing to your clients for your mess up and beg to reschedule? Lagging, you leave the uploading of memory cards