To be brutaly honest, I have upwards of five different camera bags and at times, the excessiveness leaves me feeling a little guilty. I could tell you all the stories about how I needed each one and how each of them serves a different purpose and how its just not possible for one bag to be used in all situations but chances are, I'd be preaching to the choir. My dilemma for so long has been that I have no perfect "middle bag". For instance, my purse style

Those free flowing summer days may be coming to a close but you can squeeze out the very last of it by grabbing hold of those summer nights. If you have yet to try your hand at photographing the stars this season — now is your time! First and foremost when it comes to the pitch black night, manual focus is the only way to go. Tack sharp focus on that celestial sky is a must so take the time to set up your tripod and tweak

via Ashley Crawford · Ashley Crawford took over our Insta this week and you've got to check out her stunning hand picked features. Did we mention she's giving away a seat to her brand new Transition to Film Workshop? Uh-huuuuh! Get over to our 'gram for more details! · 100 cameras were given to the homeless and this is what they photographed. · The Photogrpaher's Cookbook features the quirky, favorite food recipes of George Eastman, Ansel Adamas and other famous photographers. · Motherhood in the age of Instagram; who is around to tell

RUNNING A PROFITABLE PORTRAIT BUSINESS THAT YOU LOVE With Lauren Grayson August 29th – September 18th, 2016 Registration now open In this three week intensive workshop, Lauren will cover everything about starting, having and owning a successful photography business. Whether you are a hobbyist unsure of where to begin, a new business owner or a few years in still struggling to find your way, this course is for you. Lauren will provide a weekly video going over all of the topics for discussion, a PDF copy of all of the slides for

LEARNING THE LANGUAGE OF COLOR With Roxanne Bryant September 19th – October 2nd, 2016 Sold out The power of color leaves a deep and lasting impression on our imagery. The key to confident editing is understanding why color behaves the way it does. In this intensive you will gain insight on how color theory creates richness and depth, conveys mood, illuminates focal points and composition and directly communicates your story. Learn subtle color control through the mindset of a painter, working with the HSL (Hue/Sat/Luminance) panel as your palette. Utilize color theory