How many of you out there have tried your hand at a 365? If you are anything like us, you've had the best intentions once or maybe even twice and have fallen flat once the going got tough. Dont go off and hang your head friend — you're in good company! That's why when we come across someone who has managed to push through all the sick days, awful hours, busy holidays and pure exhaustion to compile a completed 365 photography project, we wish we had a

Starting from scratch with a small business, especially if you've just moved to a new area, can be overwhelming to say the least. Hooking up with local vendors may feel overwhelming without being able to show you have extensive experience. Luckily, sites like Eventbrite and even Facebook, can help you search out nearby meet-ups to let local businesses know that you have arrived! The major upside here? It is guaranteed everyone that shows up to attend these meet-ups is looking to connect and make a new partnership!

Our dedication to our members has always remained the day since we opened our doors: Bloom’s mission is to nurture the unique voice in each photographer through the kinship & support of our impassioned community of peers. We are dedicated to remaining a principle resource of education & inspiration in our innovative industry. So in keeping with our vision, we have created a new course, BLOOM BEGINNINGS, for several reasons. First, we wish to thank you for selecting Bloom in your photography education. Second, we believe

Changes come and go but Instagram is here to stay folks. With the new update of IG stories, it has proven it's moving onward and upward! We love Instagram for so many reasons. It's a platform for us to keep up with our followers and to let them in on all things Bloom and like an online meet and greet, we've managed to connect with all kinds of friends and photographers from all around this great big world that we wouldn't have otherwise.  Most of all, we love that with

If you are a wedding photographer looking for more clients, hooking up with a venue as a preferred vendor is one easy way to do it! Plan a time to tour the venue and if it looks like a place you'd like to align yourself with, connect with their events coordinator and ask if you could shoot some photos around the grounds to share with them over a quick meet up. Chances are they have one or two photographers they work with but wedding coordinators know that

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