New to the venue you are shooting? Do yourself a favor and come prepared —get to know your surroundings! Print off a map and screenshot one on your phone so that you are familiar with all the nearest exits. Also if you're taking Uber or Lyft to and from the event, you'll want to know a meeting spot a driver can easily pick you up away from all the clogged exits the attendees will leave from. Walking with a purpose without that lost look on your face is your

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One could argue that still-life photography is one of the most complicated genres of photography. Noting "off the cuff" about it, in this genre the photographer places themselves in charge of lighting, subject matter, composition, texture—the whole shebang. The preparation required to pull off such a shoot requires a most disciplined and thoughtful artist. One such artist is Kate Bragg, creator of the Still Life{style} series. Every month, Kate has had as swooning (and often drooling) on the forum with each new addition to her series. At the beginning

Whether you're in the crowd at Times Square, a race, concert or even a local public protest or rally, as a photographer keeping yourself safe in the herd is of the utmost importance. Its no doubt that it can be a bit unnerving with thousands of dollars worth of equipment strapped to your body surrounded by strangers. That is why when you are not actively shooting, you need to do your absolute best to conceal your gear. Use a non-gear backpack, a coat or sweater — anything

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