The Weekend Update : Aug 5

via Gray Dot Photography

· C’mon ya’ll, we’re all grown ups. Can we call for a cease fire and live and let live on Facebook during election season? Yes we can!

· How the camera add 10 pounds. Well sort of…but not really.

· Have you seen the sneaky peeky of our new site launching soon? #wecantwait!

· So what are your thoughts on the new Instagram stories? We like them but oh those Snapchat filters are so fun to play with.

· 4 years in the making and it all starts tonight! To say we’re excited would be an understatement!

· Our August and September online workshops are now open for registration. Come join us!

· You got this!

· Because everyone loves OREOS!

· Huge, we mean HUGE Potter fans over here! Have you gotten your copy yet? Some of us even finished it in one night (not pointing fingers).

· Three cheers for the BEST camera bag ever made and the sweet discount just for you!

Enjoy your weekend! Here’s to soaking up the last bits of summer before school starts.
The Bloom Team