The Weekend Update : July 29

via Ashley Crawford

· Ashley Crawford took over our Insta this week and you’ve got to check out her stunning hand picked features. Did we mention she’s giving away a seat to her brand new Transition to Film Workshop? Uh-huuuuh! Get over to our ‘gram for more details!

· 100 cameras were given to the homeless and this is what they photographed.

· The Photogrpaher’s Cookbook features the quirky, favorite food recipes of George Eastman, Ansel Adamas and other famous photographers.

· Motherhood in the age of Instagram; who is around to tell us we’re OK just the way we are?

· Because every year has it’s kale, here is the food people were obsessed with over the past 40 years. It was really nice to meet you cronut.

· Even though it can have a great effect, hair in a portrait is often often overlooked. Here is an easy, slam dunk tutorial on how to make hair color stand out in Photoshop.

· Learn to take a joke, or else.

· If you’ve got kids, chances are they’re headed back to school pretty soon. Get ahead of the to-do list with these darling DIY clothing labels before they lose that brand new sweater before week one has even ended.

· 8 Ways to Stay Active If You Sit at Your Desk All Day.

Three cheers for the weekend! While we’re trying to keep our cool in the midst of this awful heatwave, iced tea and Netflix will have to fit the bill! What are you up to? xo