The Weekend Update 3.16.18

image via Brenda Acuncius

· We were lucky enough to get clued in this week from Missy Mayo on a few free and inexpensive resources to boost our photography businesses this spring!

· “Nine things my Stage IV cancer taught me”.

· Compliments are a dime a dozen; here is how to do them better and make them stick.

· This French bookstore seamlessly aligns people’s faces with the perfect book covers and we are super obsessed with their feed!

· Very few of us have the space in our homes to create an office but that doesn’t mean we are out of options! Check up on these layout ideas on how to create a dedicated workspace in your place.

· How New York Breaks Your Heart: a gorgeous love poem comprised of photographs to the city truly like no other.

· If you are a doer, take time to press pause and, well, not GSD for a few moments.

· If you are ever lucky enough to have space and time line up and you are in the presence of the elusive Northern Lights, check out these tips on how to photograph the phenomenon.

Whether you’re Irish or not, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or not, we’re hoping the road rises to meet you this very lucky weekend. All our best! xo