The Weekend Update 3.2.18

photo via Allison Jacobs

·13-Year-Old Photographer is an award-winning master of Canadian wildlife portraits and his shots are truly unreal. Read on to see how he managed to nab his favorite, “First Snow”.

· 21 totally free things on the internet everyone should take advantage of.

· Going back to the basics and finding the “good light” that makes your creative heart sing.

· Yesterday, we rounded up our current favorite photography and creative podcasts to feed your head and inspire your next move.

· Captured here by Salvador Cueva, the incredible candy hues of New York’s Coney Island would delight any color lover.

· How to detach emotionally from work and yes, even if you are a photographer!

· Impress your family and turn an entire room into a camera obscura with nothing but a toilet paper roll!

· It can be very easy to become disgruntled with your current camera but to appreciate the new, try and use the old.

· Tell me this isn’t the sweetest thing you’ll seen all week.

Happy first week of March friends! We hope this month is full of luck and maybe even a wee bit of sunshine. Join up with us at #thebloomforum all weekend long. Make it a great one! xo