The Weekend Update 3.23.18

image via Jolene Redfern

· If you’re Lightroom is running slow, it is likely one of these 7 pesky reasons.

· This restaurant’s bathroom features photography like no way you have ever seen before. Trust us.

· You said it Georgia: “Great artists don’t just happen, any more than writers, or singers, or other creators. They have to be trained, and in the hard school of experience.”

· If you were given $5 to buy items at the Dollar Store to use at your next shoot, what would you choose?

· Spring break is finally here and I am not sure there is a more darling spring-worthy cake to celebrate RIGHT NOW!

· Ever wondered why lenses are so darn expensive? After you watch this video on the multi phase assembly of just one lens, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into them even more.

· Successful women and the ages they found to be the hardest.

· Whatever you do this weekend, down forget to look up.

Happy spring friends! Some of you may still be covered in snow but rest assured, change is on the way. Have a lovely weekend xo