The Weekend Update 6.15.18

image via Evelyne Lourenco

· “You’re so lucky you don’t have to go to work” and other ridiculous things that are said tot hose of us int he creative work-from-home field.

· To know pain is all too human. Look out for one another.

· Above all, art makes us kinder.

· The story of how Kodak went bankrupt and was brought to its knees.

· When it comes to personal growth, in any avenue, new territory burns. Get to know the burn. Feel the burn. Enjoy the burn.

· This short documentary makes some poignant points: “Why don’t we assume that when a person becomes a parent, that their levels of human experience become so much more complex and expanded that their work should be valued more, not less?”

· Whatever your summer plans are, they should probably include a 6-foot banana split!

Have a spectacular weekend, see you soon friends! xo