The Weekend Update : Sept 9

Lisa Howeler

· After Her Son’s Death, Sally Mann Stages a Haunting Show in order to “keep moving”.

· If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve teamed up with Kelley Moore to offer their wildly popular Trenton backpack to one of our lucky readers! Get your entry in by midnight tonight…

· Stop running in circles and check out these super tips on the 4 types of social media posts that encourage sales.

· Hesitant to make that big like change? Don’t look for anyone else to give you a thumbs up — permission granted.

· 30 Back to School Lunches that are no more complicated than your average PB&J.

· Life tip: Get behind this person in line and you won’t tie up in extra minutes of your precious weekend at the dreaded grocery store!

· The science behind red eye in photographs…because one of these days someone is going to ask you!

· If you or someone you know has a healthy obsession with reading , Read It Forward is the next best thing to your best friend’s book recommendation.

· Hold fast iPhone 7ers. Its all going to be ok.

We know its Friday and you’re ready to rock but don’t forget to enter the Kelly Moore bag giveaway before you clock out for the week! We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to come Monday. Happy weekend! xo


  • September 9, 2016

    Genny malloy

    I love love love the Collins bag for an everyday and camera bag!