Jordana Nicholson + The Story Behind

One thing we adore about photography is it’s nostalgia. Remembering something that was meaningful for you and recreating it is exactly what Jordana did with this stunner of a photo. Her client had a photo like this taken when his girls were littler and asked to do it again. They may be bigger but it’s still so sweet! When we saw it pop up in our IG tag feed we wanted to know more about it so we reached out to Jordana in hopes she would be up for being featured in our series The Story Behind. We are so happy she agreed! Read on to learn more!

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What inspires your art?
Natural human interaction. Joy. Raw in-between moments. Emotion. Limbs. Golden light. Laughter. Love. Movement.

Where was this photo taken?
At the Cash family’s private property.

How did the location add or hinder to your image?
It was just beautiful wide open space on the family’s property. It was a cold 30 degree day, but the skies were clear and the tree’s so colorful with the changing leaves.

DSLR, iphone, instant or film?
DSLR | Canon Mark IV shot with a Canon 50mm 1.2.

Can you tell us “The Story Behind” this shot?
Scott and Michelle Cash have 5 beautiful girls. When their last two children (the twins) were born, he took a photo with all of his girls. Scott had a fun idea to recreate that photo from a few years ago and this is it! Haha. It was so sweet watching all of his girls get into the same position. A little older now, but still so darn cute!

What speaks to you about this image? What specifically made you press the shutter?
You can just feel the love and joy in that moment. It was hilarious and so sweet watching them recreate this photo again.

What was your composition technique with this shot?
Just a simple centered composition 🙂

Did you have any lighting challenges/How did you light the image?
The lighting was beautiful. The sun was hiding behind the trees as we were in a valley, but it was beautiful and slightly moody, which I love!

Did you use any special techniques – freelensing, prism, etc?
No techniques!

Was this photo happenstance or did you visualize it prior? If so, how did you envision the image and set up for it?
Turned out just as I envisioned it out.

Did you use a preset to edit this image, your own selective edits or a combination of both?
I use a custom preset that I’ve tweaked and developed over the past year.

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