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We are so happy to share Madison’s work on this installment of The Story Behind. One thing that makes our hearts swoon is when we see fathers playing with their kids. We can’t explain it, but for us, it’s like […]

Lets talk about group projects. If you’ve been a part of one, you know just how incredible they can be. Not only do they push you outside of your comfort zone, they also introduce you to people with likeminded interests […]

Lets just start this post by saying, this little nugget is sooooo cute! SERIOUSLY!! Now, that’s out of the way, we want to welcome Lauren to the blog today for our The Story Behind series. We spotted her adorable photo […]

Newborns! Seriously folks, what doesn’t make you smile more than seeing darling newborn photos? Well, that certainly happened to us when we spotted Shiloh’s sweet little creation in our IG tag feed. Between the beautiful colors and gorgeous light, the […]

When we see the images tagged in our IG tag feed, it makes us so happy that people want to share their art with us. We know you all put your heart and soul into your work so the least […]

We think we can all agree that 2020 has challenged us. We’ve been tested by COVID-19 and we have witnessed things that have shocked and moved us, from the horrible death of George Floyd to all the protests and people […]

We can’t get enough of rainbows in all the photos we’ve been seeing in our IG tag feed. What they have meant and represented during this time brings so much more meaning to them as of late. So when we […]