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“The Earth has music for those who listen.”-ShakesphereWe have always been drawn to Beth’s images and the way she incorporates nature into her photos of her family. She reminds us that there is beauty all around. We just need to […]

Less is more. Sometimes a competing background and a rainbow of colors can take away from images. That’s why we were drawn to Lily’s photo the second we spotted it in our IG hashtag feed. On one hand, the simplicity […]

Creating artistic photos is always a goal in mind when looking through the viewfinder. That’s because you want your work to stand out and make the viewer stop and study it, find “Easter eggs” and just down-right be in awe […]

We have a BIG CRUSH on Lindsay Saunders! We have for years now so we are always giddy when we see her photos pop up in our HASHTAG. If you have followed Lindsay, you know how extremely creative she is. […]

When we spotted Megan’s image in our #thebloomforum tag on IG, our hearts went pitter-patter! The love that the image evokes is so beautiful and it just draws in our gaze. The composition adds to it’s uniqueness and then top […]

If you’ve been following our THE STORY BEHIND series, you’ll recognize the lovely and uber talented Emily. We are HUGE fans of her work so it’s no surprise to see her featured again. Let’s face it, her feed is full […]

When we came across Lucy’s enduring photo in our IG photo tag, we were speechless. Everything about it from the composition to the black and white conversion held our gaze. So when we reached out to Lucy to see if […]