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You may have the amazing night sky to fill your frame but that doesn't mean that you can get lazy and just simply point and shoot! As you're setting up your shot and exposure, also keep composition and framing in mind. Your photo will be far more dynamic if you include the context of the area around you like trees, the pitch of a roof, or mountain ranges. "I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day." - Vincent Van Gogh

So you've got your tripod all set up and you've got your manual focus nailed but why do all your test shots have streaks of light behind your stars? To leave those pesky star trails behind, follow the Rule of 600! By following the Rule of 600 you will be able to figure out how long you can expose the image before the stars start to move across the sky, creating those trails. To follow the rule, divide the number 600 for a full frame camera (or

To be brutaly honest, I have upwards of five different camera bags and at times, the excessiveness leaves me feeling a little guilty. I could tell you all the stories about how I needed each one and how each of them serves a different purpose and how its just not possible for one bag to be used in all situations but chances are, I'd be preaching to the choir. My dilemma for so long has been that I have no perfect "middle bag". For instance, my purse style

Those free flowing summer days may be coming to a close but you can squeeze out the very last of it by grabbing hold of those summer nights. If you have yet to try your hand at photographing the stars this season — now is your time! First and foremost when it comes to the pitch black night, manual focus is the only way to go. Tack sharp focus on that celestial sky is a must so take the time to set up your tripod and tweak