Chances are good that you aren't the only photography in the crowd, right? As a general rule, if you were not invited by the artist or speaker of the event, pack the flash away until you receive permission from the proper authority. Can you imagine singing or speaking to a crowd and a dozen flash bulbs go off at one time? Not only would this likely temporarily blind the person everyone came to see, but it will likely get you kicked out of the pit as well. "If

via Kristen Boatwright· A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Mom: Is domestic life the enemy of creative work? · Just in time for your weekend, the master list of when and where You Can Catch All Your Favorite Halloween Flicks on TV + the 9 Best Halloween Themed Movies on Netflix. · America's Favorite Halloween Candy State-by-State but lets be honest, the peanut butter cup rules all. · "Add some chaos to your life. A certain amount is healthy. It stimulates growth and change and passion and excitement." · In the course

While we have previously shared a 365 a few weeks ago, what we love about this personal challenge is the variants it can take from one artist to the next. One of our very favorites that we have been following since it graced our forum is that of Evelyne Lourenco. She runs the photography marathon like no other, all the while exuding pure joie de vivre. As most people we know, we live busy lives, sometimes going through our everyday just to get everything done. We have long

In order to get your key shots of the main event with the masses around you, simplify your frame by shooting over heads and aiming up. If you happen to be on an even level with the main event, like a race, look around you to find a higher space that can give you an upper hand and get you a clear shot. If the space is the stage or belongs to a shop or vendor, use your best manners and ask to grab a few minutes

New to the venue you are shooting? Do yourself a favor and come prepared —get to know your surroundings! Print off a map and screenshot one on your phone so that you are familiar with all the nearest exits. Also if you're taking Uber or Lyft to and from the event, you'll want to know a meeting spot a driver can easily pick you up away from all the clogged exits the attendees will leave from. Walking with a purpose without that lost look on your face is your