The Weekend Update 3.9.18

image via Lexi Brenner

· How to get those gorgeous teal and orange tones everyone is craving in your photographs.

· In honor of yesterday’s International Women’s Day, lets reintroduce ourselves with just a few of the women who have literally changed the world.

· Ode to the lessons we should have learned in school.

· Wanna know a trick to getting that pretty bokeh from an anamorphic lens without the pricey anamorphic lens?

· When it comes to actual progress, it all comes down to the difference between goals and systems.

· To be a dynamite photographer, you need a point of departure to guide you.

· This week’s The Story Behind features Ashley Crawford and a mighty fine double exposure that we’re itching to try our hand at.

· How would you feel if you were asked to embrace a stranger in front of a camera? Could you even be the one to do the asking?

We hope you find yourself coasting into a super nice weekend. Wishing you nothing but the best, xo