The Weekend Update 6.29.18

image via Jessi Ingram

· Three cheers for the upcoming 4th of July Barbecues and these Americana cupcakes!

· And while were on the topic, I can’t think of anything prettier to hang on a front door to celebrate!

· Because he taught me that it’s a privilege to be given the chance to eat everything.

· True Story: I got audited.

· The Rule of Doubles: A Modern Version of the Reciprocal Rule for Getting Sharp Photos

· Since summer is officially underway, don’t let it slip away without crossing a few things off your Bucket List.

· Ready to kill time in the best possible way? The Observers studies the greats, “because originality can be achieved only by knowing what came before us”.

· If you aren’t already following NITCH, you should be.

Have a most excellent weekend friends and if you happen to also be in the States, have a fabulous 4th! xo