The Weekend Update : June 23

via Johanna Shannon-Little

· Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is the ideal book for all the girls close to your heart — big and small.

· 52 places to go in 2017.

· Stitch your photos together using these 5 steps to rock the Brenizer method.

· Such a fun 5 minute watch, how the Bronx brought breaking to the world.

· If you’re embarking on a camping trip and capturing the starry, starry night, this Photoshop panel will save you hours of processing the milky way.

· Speaking of, its always a good idea to get outside and into nature.

· “Conversations” is a blow your mind art installation with only a tiny glimpse of portraits devoted to the strangers we pass daily on the street.

· Have you checked out the new IOS 11 updates? Slow clap for that that Apple Pencil.

· YOU GUYS. If you haven’t already dove head first into Netflix’s new series Abstract, get. on. it.

Hope your summer is off to a brilliant start! Stay cool this weekend friends. xo

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