The Weekend Update : April 28

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· Creativity Makes You Seem More Attractive…but it seems to work better if you’re a man.

· This unique maternity series featuring one beautiful mama and the best color LA has to offer is a home run.

· Apparently, One Behavior Separates The Successful From The Average. Be the younger brother.

· Pete Souza dazzled us with his gorgeous photos of President Obama and his family so we can totally get behind the announcement of his new book featuring the best. I mean

· If you happen to be in the Golden State, now is the time to get your hustle on to get some photos featuring the rare “Super Bloom”.

· Protect your happiness. We highly recommend this read on How to Effectively Scale Your Business Without Losing Your Mind.

· Brenda shared this darling senior session with us and we love the variety and the major dose of color throughout!

· And finally, you’d be hard pressed to find a sweeter apology letter from a mom to her graduating son.

How in the heck are we at the end of April?! What’s your plans this weekend, friends? xo

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The Weekend Update : April 14

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